about Dan Treanor

"Treanor straddles the fine line between old and modern blues; he walks it, talks it, and plays it with ease."
          PopMatters Music Review

Born in 1947 and raised in Pueblo, Colorado, Dan Treanor began playing guitar at the age of fifteen. Discovering the Blues and R&B through a local radio station - KAPI - he developed a life long passion for the root of all popular American Music - THE BLUES. When a typical teenager might have been found listening to the latest top 40 AM hit, Dan, a self taught musician who plays by ear, would spend hours listening to the likes of Ray Charles, B.B. King, Jimmy Reed and Slim Harpo, trying to emulate their playing style. He was also heavily influenced by the music of Bob Dylan and Hank Williams. By the age of sixteen, with his Silvertone guitar, he was playing in his first band - "The Steel City Blues Band".


  "I was raised in an multi cultural neighborhood where Blues, R&B and Mexican music was the accepted norm. That's what I thought everyone listened to."

In 1969, while serving as an infantryman in the Mekong Delta of Viet Nam, he was taught to play the harp by a fellow soldier and musician, Bernie Willer.

He's never put it down. "Bernie showed me how to blow that harp and it's been stuck inside me ever since"



Returning to the States, he began a life long quest to master the art and soul of American Blues. He used his GI Bill to earn a Masters in American History, where he unraveled the truth behind the evolution of the blues - from Africa to America.

In his career he has shared the stage with Son Seals, Frankie Lee, Louisiana Red, Jimmy Carl Black, Corey Harris, George "Boogie Woogie" Daniels,  Bob Margolin and Guitar Junior to mention a few icons. He is considered one of the top harp players in the business. He has played harp, guitar and dobro on over 100 45s, LPs, CDs and motion picture sound tracks. He has toured Europe twice and represented the Grand County Blues Society two times and the Colorado Blues Society twice at the International Blues Challenge in Memphis. He is a charter member of the Colorado Blues Society and the Blues Foundation. He has received several awards from various Blues Societies in recognition of his Blues In The Schools contributions. He is the recipient of the 2012 KEEPING THE BLUES ALIVE award from the Blues Foundation. In 2023 he was give a ‘Life Time Achievement’ award by the Colorado Blues Society.







In 2004 he was signed by the internationally respected independent label - Northern Blues.
Teaming with the late R&B vocal legend Frankie Lee, of Duke/Peacock fame, he released the critically accalimed CD - "African Wind".
The CD was named by many critics as one of the top blues releases of the year and was nominated as Blues Album of the Year by the Independent Music Awards. 

 "African Wind is one of the most innovative blues releases in a long time" - Tim Holek, Living Blues 

The title track - "African Wind" - was named one of the top eight blues songs of the year by the International Songwriting Competition.
The CD features Dan's handmade African string instruments. He began to make the instruments to use in his Blues In The Schools presentations to demonstrate the origins of the blues in African cultural music. They soon became an intergral part of his live show and the Afrosippi Blues was born. African and World beats, Delta, Chicago and Hill Country Blues, R&B, Funk and Soul - the Afrosippi Sound.

"If you are looking for something fresh and new but that still combines traditions as old as the hills ... give this recording a whirl." - Beardo, BluesWax

Since then Dan has released six more critically acclaimed CDs - "Mercy" - also nominated for an Independent Music Award, "Brothers Blood & Bone", "The Best Of  Afrosippi Blues",   "American Primative" ,  "Bad Neighborhood" , "Tangled Road" and the latest release - "Born To Love The Blues"..  Dan continues to play festivals, club gigs and special shows  -  he also preforms as a solo artist. He does 25/30 Blues In The Schools presentations a year. He is the recipient of the Blues Foundations 2012 - Keeping The Blues Alive - award for his Blues In The Schools program.
In 2013 Dan Treanor's Afrosippi Band featuring Erica Brown, took home 3rd place in the International Blues Challenge in Memphis, Tenn.

Dan's newest project - THE HUSTLE KINGS - feature himself and drummer extordinarie Bruce Collins in a harp/drums/percussion duo blasting out Lofi, bluesy, dubstep, soul. Their new CD - "Show A Little Mercy" - is now available.





Bandleader, solo artist, BIS presenter, songwriter, producer, African instrument maker - BLUESMAN